The Nano Aerosolized Sterilizer (N.A.S.) Cloud System utilizes a proprietary mix of Hydro-Nano water mixed with GOLD & SILVER nanoparticles and disinfecting agents.


American Premium Water (APW) Hydro Nano Technology that is used in the delivery of our Nano Energy Water is applied toward sanitizing surfaces and rooms. The “fog” resulting from this mix can be used on any surface or any environment; deep cleaning the area without harming the surroundings.

Penetration Effect of Nanoparticles

Concentrated nano-silver has similar properties to alcohol; its scientifically established that these silver particles have antimicrobial properties can penetrates virus cellular membrane successfully fight off viruses.


<1 nanometer wide​

The NAS nano formula delivers silver nanoparticles in long ‘rod’ form and 1 nanometer in diameter.

nanometer virus.jpg

125 nanometer wide​

The coronavirus particles are round and 125 nanometer in diameter.


Upon contact between these 2 particle, the silver particle will penetrate the virus taking its air out, akin to a pin popping a balloon, resulting in an instant neutralization of the virus.

The alkaline water base of the formula weakens the virus membrane by increasing the pH which suppresses and inhibits the ability of the virus to live.

This process uses natural products that can be inhaled by humans; it is currently being used in a trial study in Europe that has used a nebulized variation to treat patients with advanced COVID-19 disease and has shown promising results.

nascloud image.png


  • Leaves no residue

  • Easy Operation – 1 (one) person to operate **

  • Can be ran as part of room cleaning process

  • Fog will not set off alarms or sprinklers

  • Disruption free operation (DFO) - room or area does not have to evacuated

  • Digestible

  • Able to run more than once per hour

  • Low maintenance

  • Disruption free operation

**Pending room size and commercial use

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Suitable for room size up to 500sqft

10-20 seconds runtime



Suitable for room size up to 10,000sqft

15 seconds to 10 minutes runtime


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  • Schools & Day Care Centers

  • Business & Shared Office Spaces

  • Commercial / Warehouses Facilities

  • Public Spaces

  • Arena’s

  • Stadiums

  • Movie Theaters

  • Live Music Venues

  • Home & Apartment / Senior Living Facilities  

  • Hospitals & Medical Offices  / Rehabilitation Centers 

  • Vehicle & Transportation - Airplanes, Ships and Taxis

  • Hotel & Hospitality

  • Exercise Facilities, Health Clubs & Spas